Construction plays a key role in creating and transforming residential areas. From small-scale projects such as renovations and extensions to large-scale real estate developments, construction services are essential in shaping the environment in which people live.

In order to meet the needs of our customers, Buildemant offers several construction services, namely constructionof houses and residential buildings, installation of metal structures, construction of walls and partitions, installation of electrical and hydraulic systems, construction of roofs and coverings, flooring and wall cladding, installation of heating and cooling systems, construction of swimming pools and leisure areas, painting and finishing, waterproofing services, installation of security and alarm systems.

Buildemant has always had a concern for the preservation of the environment and seeks in its projects the use of sustainable materials and the implementation of technologies that reduce energy consumption that contribute to the preservation of the environment and to the reduction of operating costs of homes.

The development of infrastructure and the construction of well-designed spaces make residential areas more attractive to investors and residents. Our construction services enhance this aspect and play a vital role in enhancing the value of properties.

“I am a young engineer graduated in civil engineering. I am currently working as a production engineer for the company BuildeMant. I am commited to prividing high quality services and meeting my clients’ needs with excellence. I believe in effective communication and work closely with my clients to ensure that all projects are delivered successfully. With my youth and energy, I am always ready to face new challenges and learn continuosly to improve my skills and offer the best to my clients.”

Michel Veras
Civil Engineer